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Essential Understanding of Fractions

Book Study: 3-5 Fractions Essential Understanding

1 credit


Full course description

In this book study, you will read the chapter and then complete two assignments. As a conclusion to the course, you will complete a final project.

This book focuses on the specialized pedagogical content knowledge that you need to teach fractions effectively in grades 3–5. The authors demonstrate how to use this multifaceted knowledge to address the big ideas and essential understandings that students must develop for success with fractions&#151not only in their current work, but also in higher-level mathematics and a myriad of real-world contexts.

Explore rich, research-based strategies and tasks that show how students are reasoning about and making sense of fractions. Use the opportunities that these and similar tasks provide to build on their understanding while identifying and correcting misunderstandings that may be keeping them from taking the next steps in learning.

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