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Book Study: 9-12 Essential Understanding of Functions

1 credit


Full course description

This course is designed as a self-paced book study. This course is designed so that it can be completed as a group or as an individual.

Some suggested formats for this book study:

  • Math Departments:  Use ~20 minutes of PLC time/month to discuss the chapters in sequence and then individually report your most interesting conversation pieces for the assignments!
  • Personal Study:  Independently study the book on your own time and reflect as you make progress through the chapters!  
  • Small Groups:  Take the course with a friend--discuss and reflect as you read each chapter

Explore rich, research-based strategies and tasks that show how students are reasoning about and making sense of functions. Use the opportunities that these and similar tasks provide to build on their understanding while identifying and correcting misunderstandings that may be keeping them from taking the next steps in learning.

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