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Course card for Foundations of PCBL course

Foundations of PCBL



Full course description

In this course participants will learn about the why, the what, and the how of personalized competency-based learning. This course will guide participants in developing their own why for using personalized competency-based practices with their students, explain and define what the personalized competency-based learning framework is and essential components are, and then how to use research based effective teaching practices in the classroom. Participants will make connections to what they are already doing in class as they consider moving from completion and compliance to ownership and competency. Participants will choose areas of interest and growth, share their voice, and move at their own pace as they implement effective teaching strategies in their classroom. The focus of this course is to learn about how the personalized competency-based learning framework promotes student learning and growth through the intentional use of research-based effective teaching practices.

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